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What Does Finding Gravity Mean?

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The Gravity is what matters.

Are you sick of feeling rushed and trying to catch up, or not having enough time to keep up with hobbies on top of work or study?

Do you feel like you should be able to succeed academically without relying on getting tutoring?

Have you felt frustrated that you have to study for so long to memorise your course material, sometimes not even getting the result that you worked for?

We can help.

Master Your Mind.

Why pay to be spoon-fed when you can learn to teach yourself?

Study Faster

Cover twice as much in half the time. Want to pick up a new sport? Go for it.

Retain More

Forget less and keep it for longer. Pre-exam cram? What's that?

Get Better

Who needs tutoring when you can ace any academic challenge by yourself?

Students Who Have Found Gravity

I never really put much thought into the way I study... it's insane how much it improves your studying ability.

Abdullah Islam, 18

We've been recommending it to other people... it's the chance to learn this stuff that we learn as professionals.

Outside of the academics... the scheduling, the mental health... all of that is gold. There's no doubt that we've got true value. It's just awesome.

Mark and Rachel, Parents

I've started to enjoy studying a lot more... It feels more natural.

In the beginning it took quite a bit of time, but now it's considerably faster. I just remember it so much easier in the long-run.

Hasan Rawenduzy, 18

It was so easy suddenly...and to do that with half the effort that you think you need to put in.

It's not just the academic side... I got so much better at looking after myself.

Ava Unwin, 18

It's like instead of forcing something to fit, it's about finding a way to make it fit... All of my thoughts on learning have just blown up.

There's no way the study tips I heard through word of mouth would have ever helped me with succeeding.

I really wish I had learned all of these skills nine years ago, when I first started high school.

Olivia Fleming, 21
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Develop bulletproof study and time management systems.

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Develop bulletproof study and time management systems.