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Rapidly Increase Studying Efficiency

It takes most students years of trial and error to improve their studying efficiency. Navigator cuts this down to weeks or months by focusing on the right approaches at the right time.

These aren’t “study tips”. They’re entire study systems.

Manage Your Time and Focus Effectively

There are thousands of time management tips and techniques out there. We’ve sifted through them to find the ones that work the best for driven students.

The fastest and most direct way to increase focus and time management

What's special about our time management and focus course?

Most courses are designed for professionals or people with a higher level of flexibility in their schedule. Students are in a unique position where some traditional techniques, such as time-blocking, are incompatible with their schedules or unsustainable long-term.

We teach students to manage their time and develop deep concentration and focus in the simplest and most practical way possible.

Connect with like-minded peers

No more big fish in a small pond. Discuss, exchange and grow alongside other driven and motivated students. This isn’t a group of slackers or students who think they’re too cool to try!

Who is a Navigator membership for?

Navigator is for students who value good grades, independence, efficiency and balance.

It is not for students who are happy to be spoon-fed through tutoring or rely on needing a good teacher to do well.

It is not for students who are close-minded and unwilling to grow.

And it is definitely not for students who care more about being comfortable than being capable.

Evidence-Based Study and Productivity Techniques That Work

Robust Study Systems

Top learners use personalised study systems, not just a few good techniques. Create systems that are optimised for your unique brain.

That includes...

Research-based techniques to maximise exam performance, memorise with less repetition, retain information for longer, understand difficult concepts more easily and write more time-efficient notes.

High-Yield Habits

Up to 40% of our behaviour is habit. Learn how productive people systematically train themselves to have high-performance habits.

That includes...

Effective strategies to not procrastinate, concentrate more deeply, schedule fluidly, get distracted less, balance hobbies with study or work, and most importantly, do this all on autopilot.

Study Faster

Imagine covering double the material in half the time. Master speed study techniques used by the world's most efficient learners.

Reduce Difficulty

Listen and learn in a way that helps you understand difficult concepts easier. We combine cognitive load theory with threshold concepts.

Procrastinate Less

Getting in your own way? Eliminate procrastination with systems that work. Avoid willpower exhaustion and create downhill environments.

Conquer Exams

Research says that "exam techniques" don't help. Learn to maximise exam performance through the best active recall techniques and focus training.

Find the Fun

Good learners make boring topics interesting. Use inquiry-learning techniques to make any topic your favourite.

Memorise More

Increase retention with research-based memorisation techniques like our modified method of loci.

Schedule Smarter

Learn the scientifically optimal way to study schedule. Including variations on SPQ3R and spaced repetition.

Write Better Notes

Do you waste hours writing notes? Take notes in half the time with 30-50% greater retention.

Stop Procrastinating and Get Better Grades for Less than the Price of 2 Hours of Private Tutoring Per Month!

No big contracts. No fine print. Just great courses that work.

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I would 100% recommend the course for anyone who wants to improve their efficiency... I think it should be taught in schools and I think it's an absolutely fantastic course.
Alastair - University Student with Academic Coaching
Alastair Burns
Graduate University Student, NZ
The rate I can learn concepts now is far greater than it was at the start of the semester... it strategizes what steps are needed to learn in the most efficient way possible.
Rohan - Academic Coaching Recipient
Rohan Sharma
First-Year University Student, NZ

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The biggest and most important difference between our courses and approaches is that we aren’t about “study hacks” or “study tips”. We don’t teach you to make a pretty mnemonic or give you instagram motivational quotes.

We teach entire systems built from the latest research on learning psychology. If you’ve tried other courses on studying and time management before, we guarantee that ours will be noticeably different in both depth and effectiveness.

All you need to do is follow our instructions and you will be taken step-by-step towards more efficient habits.

It’s an endless spiral if you don’t make time to learn how to save time.

It depends on many factors, most notably:

  • Diligence and effort
  • Prior academic ability
  • Openness to change
  • Your mindset on personal development

For students who are diligent and open to improving, we expect:

  • A small noticeable improvement in speed or depth of learning after 1 to 3 weeks
  • A small noticeable improvement in speed of learning after 4 to 6 weeks
  • Moderate improvements to both depth and speed in 8 to 12 weeks
  • Significant improvements to overall efficiency and productivity in 15 to 20 weeks

For time management, results are often expected in one week or less.

Our courses are designed to exceed best-practice guidelines, built from the combination of latest research and our extensive experience working with students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We guarantee industry-leading and world-class quality and value. And if you aren’t willing to spend less than a cup of coffee per week on studying smarter, this probably isn’t for you.

Developing the skills and learning enough to be meaningful will require you to commit time and effort. However, Navigator perfectly augments your current studies and any time spent should easily be outweighed by the time saved through higher efficiency.

Our students will typically save 3 to 5 hours per week due to more effective studying and time management techniques by the first month.

Furthermore, Navigator is more effective when you are actively studying through a curriculum because you can use it as practice material to sharpen your techniques.

Tutoring achieves a temporary short-term gain through spoon-feeding. It achieves an outcome without increasing your own abilities. Our Navigator is designed to create more sustainable and independent change so that you do not need tutoring in the first place (or at least not become dependent on it).

For students and parents who are already familiar with tutoring, we implore you to ask yourself:

  • “Why am I not worried that I can only get good grades with someone tutoring me?”
  • “What will happen when I can’t get tutored anymore?”

Navigator can augment tutoring perfectly, eventually replacing it completely. Almost 100% of our students have quit tutoring.