Private Memberships

Private memberships are the fastest, most individualised path to academic efficiency.

Private coaching sessions are face-to-face or online, depending on preference or availability.

Total individualisation

Every package is custom-created and every coaching session is tailored to the exact needs of the student. Strategies are taught based on what makes the biggest impact to helping students achieve their goals.

Rapid improvement

Progress is directed in the most effective way, drastically reducing wasted time and energy. We expect an average of 500% increase in improvement rate.


We are able to set goals, expectations and challenges to guide students on productivity, self-efficacy, time and stress management more fluidly than through online courses.

Low risk

We're completely confident in the quality of service we can provide through our private memberships. If after 6 weeks, you feel that our service is not satisfactory, you get your money back.

Who is it for?

Private memberships are ideal for driven students who value academic excellence, while also fulfilling some or all of the following critieria:

  • Have special circumstances
  • Are in a rush to improve or have imminent deadlines*
  • Struggle to create momentum and progress by themselves or with our standard memberships
  • Prefer to be safe than sorry

*If you are in a rush to improve (deadline less than 6 weeks) and are committed to doing well, then we strongly recommend a private membership.

Book a consultation

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We will assess the student's needs and coachability.

If we determine that the student is a good fit for our private membership, we will custom-create a membership package. Pricing is based entirely on the students needs and the program we create.

We assess whether a private membership is appropriate based on the following factors:

  • Does a private membership align with the student's best interests?
  • Is the student hard-working and willing to reciprocate our efforts?
  • Is the student open to feedback and guidance?
  • Will the student engage and attend appointments?

In some instances, we will recommend an alternative membership with a later re-evaluation.

We hold a limited number of spaces for scholarship recipients. This will also be assessed during our screening call.